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Mac OS X Port of the Heirloom Project

The project homepage is where you will find the source archives, documentation and other infos.

This port of the heirloom tools uses the users default encoding, eg en_US.ISO8859-1. You can switch the encoding on the fly by setting the environment variable 'HEIRLOOMENC', this allows to work with different encodings at the same time. Check $HEIRLOOM/5bin/5 and $HEIRLOOM/etc/5.rc for more details.

Heirlooms troff typesetter supports a wide range of UTF-8 glyphs and Truetype/Opentype fonts. There are several tools available to convert the standard Mac fonts into TTF format. After conversion place them into /usr/local/share/fonts/TTF.

For european users troff implements the '.mediasize a4' request to generate DIN A4 pages instead of the default US letter.

Mac OS X Heirloom-1.1 package (3-Sep-2011)

Mac OS X Heirloom-1.0 package (1-Nov-2008)

Mac OS X Heirloom-0.9 package (6-May-2008)

Mac OS X Heirloom-0.8b package (16-Feb-2008)

Mac OS X Heirloom-0.8 package (22-Sep-2007)

Mac OS X Heirloom-0.7 package (9-Jun-2007)

Mac OS X Heirloom-0.6 package (9-Apr-2007)

Mac OS X Heirloom-0.5 package (13-Jan-2007)


Mac OS X Heirloom-0.4 package (10-Sep-2006)

Mac OS X Heirloom-0.3 package (29-Jun-2006)


Mac OS X Heirloom-0.2 package (25-Jun-2006)


Mac OS X Heirloom-0.1 package (29-Jan-2006)

For the case of questions, bug reports, or suggestions: s t e f a n . t r a m m @ m e . c o m

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